Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunset over Lalbagh Lake - Goodbye 2013!

Location: Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore, India
Video and Music: © Nitesh Bhatia

It is suggested to experience this at low sound volume and full screen 1080p resolution.

Description: 10 minutes loop of a 15 sec sunset clip running at slow speed (50%) dissolved together to form a continuous video. The background music is composed in GarageBand and video is transcoded to 1080p resolution using iMovie.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

A little girl I saw in Lal Bagh, Bangalore. Her parents were probably busy in browsing the shops around while she was standing like this since long.  I felt the joy behind her elevated thoughts while taking this picture. For a moment, it occurred to me as if the world was deeply interfused into her sublime mind and she was well aware of the fact that, somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known!

PS: It is also an example of backlight subject photography using a medium telephoto lens, where light is coming from behind or sideways of the subject. I was sitting very far and my presence was unknown to her. This is one advantage of using a medium telephoto lens (85mm in this case), one can sit in a corner and just gaze around the world and its people, while still remain incognito!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Greetings!!

Photograph taken inside nave of St. Mary's Basilica located in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore.
It is the oldest church in Bangalore and is the only church in the state that has been elevated to the status of a minor basilica.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"In the name of God!" - Conversation with an Autowala

This is a blog post of a funny incident that happened with me in Bangalore, the city of nasty autowalas (auto-drivers)! Here, incidents like meter tempering, excess fares, faulty meters, abusive language is very common. However some autowalas are good too, no doubt. In my past 3-4 years of stay, I share a kind of love-hate relationship with these as I've met both kind of autowalas. In my case most of the time I engage in an argument if they ask to go without meter or charge 10-20 Rs. extra on meter fare value. It is hard to convince them to follow meter against their numerous reasons for not following it! Sometimes, I try to warn them by telling about police or I simply look for another auto. Nevertheless I simply fail in most cases. I have so many memorable incidences to tell. However this one is little different -- God came in between us. Or rather, I brought him in!! :D

It was evening 6:00 pm and I was looking for autos in K.R. Market area. Since it was office-off time, none of the autos were free and also the buses were all jam packed. I started walking towards K.G. road, thinking that I may find an auto on my way. But I couldn't! I got one auto and he asked me 150 Rs., more than double the meter rate and I refused hire him after gently asking him to go by meter. After walking around 4km., I saw a vacant auto in a traffic signal. At that time I was near Majestic Bus Stand. From Majestic, roughly 55 Rs. fare is normal.

"Malleshwaram Jaate?", I asked. (Will you be going to Malleshwaram?)

He replied, "Malleshwaram me kahan?" (Where in Malleshwaram?)

I said near 18th cross. He asked for Rs. 90. without meter.

"Meter se chalogae?", I asked again. (Can you go by Meter Fare?)

"Meter slow hai, islye to bina meter ke jaa raha!", he replied. (My meter is slow, that's why I am going without meter.)

I smiled since I had no option and it was getting late. I told him Rs. 60 is the max I could offer. He came down to Rs. 75.

"18th cross, Temple Maramma tak jana hai", I said and sat inside. (18th cross, Maramma Temple is where I want to go.) That is where our campus' entrance gate is located. And then came the funny part.

"Aap log 100-100 rupaye coffee peeney mein kharch kartey aur abhi apko problem hai", he taunted. (You guys spend 100 bucks on Coffee and here you have problem)

"Wo log proper bill bhi detey bhaiya! Apka to meter hi slow hai", was my quick reply. (They provide us proper bill. Here your meter itself is slow.)

Then after a momentary pause I said, "Kya bhaiya, aap sandhya ke samay zada paisay maangtey, pata hai uper se bhagwan cross hotey iss samay!" (You are asking for extra money at the time of dusk. You know God travel around during that time.) During my childhood, my grandmother used to give me this reason to wake me up if I was asleep in evening.

"Arrey aap 5-10 Rs. ke liye bhagwan ko beech mein le aaye!", he said. (You are bringing God just for 5-10 bucks)

I replied, "Mandir mein to itna hi daaltey naa aap, to bhagwan to beech mein aa hi saktey!" and laughed. After then he did not uttered a single word. My stop came in some time and it was a temple! (If in temple you can donate this much, then God can also mind for this much!)

To pay him, I took my wallet out followed by a 50 Rs. note and two 10 Rs. note. I was searching for 5 Rs. change and then he said, "Chalo 60 Rupaye hi dae do, kya aap bhagwan ko beech mein le aaye!" (Just pay me 60 Rs., You bought God in between!)

He took 60 Rs. from me and left.

I smiled an moved on!

PS: The auto-driver in photograph is not the same one as in the post. I took that photo long time back when I was learning panning-photography.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deep into thoughts

Portrait of a woman, a fruit seller as you can see, sitting next to her cart, roadside
Deep into thoughts she was disconnected against momentary lapse of reality around her
Passing by the same roadside I took this picture
And she remained sitting - calm and gently - deep into thoughts
Disconnected against momentary lapse of reality 
And I moved on...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sir, I am not a child labor!

Roaming around a vegetable market in Bangalore, he caught my attention and I took this photo. Afterwards, I showed him his picture and to my surprise he was a bit frightened.

With a hesitating tone, he said in english, "Sir, this picture will not come in newspaper naa? I am not a child labour. My mom sits here and she has gone somewhere around that's why I am attending the store".

Recently schools have started teaching young kids about importance of education and ill effects of child labor in India. This somewhat has started new wave among kids as they themselves become aware of what is right and wrong.

But anyways, I enjoyed a two lined conversation between me and him. And yes he was not a child labor. I met his mom afterwards.

(Similar kind of story but with a different contrast: Gamna)

Monday, October 21, 2013

A man relaxing on chair

Portrait of a man sitting on a chair, smoking and relaxing. He owns a shop located in small alley inside main market street on Malleshwaram. He sells assorted jute bags and accessories. In the photo you can see the bags hanging on the walls of passage entrance. While walking on the main streets, I saw him sitting like this and took his picture. I showed him the photograph afterwards and came to know that towards his left was a doorway where his actual shop was located. It was pretty big! And surprisingly I had a jute bag in my hand when I came out! :)

Interesting note by a friend: "He is not relaxing, he is idling... A guy with cigarette can never relax. Intoxication feigns relaxation, I think."

(PS: Smoking cigarette is injurious to health.)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Never Stop!

Never Stop. Its a short description of a person's photograph I've never met, I've never known, yet I've seen him so many times in my photo gallery to recognise his individuality.

Around a month back, while walking across busy streets of Malleshwaram, at around 7 evening I was standing among the crowd, perceiving the movement of people thinking about something. Within a flash of interval, I saw an old man walking briskly in the crowd, as if he is on some mission, I quickly took the picture. It didn't come well, shot at high ISO, lot of noise and lacked in sharpness. But his charisma got stuck into my eyes. Every-time I see this pic, I get several parallel thoughts fighting with each other -  the old age, the noise in photo, yet the sharpness.

After a month or more, recently on the same streets I saw him again, for a fraction of seconds only. Same old face, but with a haircut, clean shaved a probably a different spectacles, walking and holding hands with a young lady - probably his daughter. I quickly recognised him, the same person. But the briskness was missing in the slow walking.

I came back and today I opened my photo gallery and finally decided to share the photo that confuses me every-time I see it. And I never stop thinking about it! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vegetable Seller

In a busy market evening, I gently asked her, showing my camera - "May I take your photograph?"
And she gave me this pose.

Taken under Artificial Light, the common 200w or 400w Yellow Bulb, that is glowing just above towards her right.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A shop keeper near Temple

Portrait of a shop keeper near temple area located in Malleshwaram selling various puja offerings, oil, kumkum, camphor, jaggery, etc.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Thoughtful Mind!

When we think of 'Mind', 
we can see all the colors that mind possesses. 
It is the real beauty of mind.
The colorful mind as I call it.

When it comes to 'Thoughts',
there are good thoughts & bad thoughts.
And I say that black has it all.
And the White too.
Their beauty is absolute. 

And I say 'Life' is the combination,
a perfect blend of colorful 'Mind' with monochromatic 'Thoughts'
that brings in the perfect harmony!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Indian Woman - Banana leaves seller

Portrait of a woman who sells banana leaves on the street market located in Bangalore.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Photo] At Rakhi Shop

The shot was taken in a busy market of Bangalore, where this Rakhi Shop was congested by women from all sides, yet the seller was calmly addressing everyone.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rabbi: Zero Dubidha - Lyrics with Translation and Meaning

[I came across this new song by Rabbi, few days back and I was mesmerized. I searched for lyrics and its translation. In few sites I found the lyrics but couldn't find any perfect translation. So I thought of writing it down here after discussing it with few friends. Still working on to get the lyrics and translation right. I'll keep on updating this as I get more inputs.]

Aye mere vasson bahar hai, Sigaa
This thing is beyond the limit of my efforts, it always was

Edaan si suraj nu, jiven ugan o rokana
It is like stopping the sun from rising

Tu paya si rang basant da
You got colors of spring

Dil mere shook da si seyya
My heart shivers like its winter

Tu rakh rahi si ek bag train vich
You were keeping your bag inside train

Mein rakh reha si, tera khyal jeb vich
I was keeping your memories on my pocket (meaning: safe somewhere)

Te eh hun sakde ke na miliye fer kabi
It is possible that we may never meet again

Asi jayinye roley goley vich gwatch
And we will be lost forever in crowd

Sun sajna arz nimaani
Listen dear about my plea

Eh na jhoothi koi kahani
It isn't some false story

Ous vailey mainu si ni manoosi
During that moment I had a thought (meaning: feeling of restlessness)

Zero dubidha...
Zero confusion

Aye mere vasson bahar hai, Sigaa
This thing is beyond the limit of my efforts, it always was

Rutaan jaan pareetan uteh zor kisda
Who can control the change in seasons

Mein ditan si rang, tufaan daa
I gave it the color to this storm

Maneya sada tu jenu, waah boleda
You accepted and appreciated it like always

Labhda si chotu tera samsere nishaan
I kept searching for your little signs all over the world

Labdhi si tu vi kise sawal da jawaab
You too were looking for an answer to some question

Te eh hun sakde ke na miliye fer kabi
It is possible that we may never meet again

Asi jayinye roley goley vich gwatch
And we will be lost forever in crowd

Sun sajna arz nimaani
Listen dear about my plea

Eh na jhoothi koi kahani
It isn't some false story

Ous vailey mainu si ni manoosi
During that moment I had a thought (feeling of restlessness)

Sun sajna arz nimaani
Listen dear about my plea

Eh na jhoothi koi kahani
It isn't some false story

Ous vailey mainu si ni manoosi
During that moment I had a thought (feeling of restlessness)

Zero dubidha...
Zero dubidha...

Hai pura sahi, tera har gila
And your every charge is entirely correct

Hai mera halaf, sirf sach da
My expression is only about the truth

Je hoven judi, khal hashte darah
As if pain and happiness are connected to each other

Te ki ye mera, gunah
Then what’s my offence

Te eh hun sakde ke na miliye fer kabi
It is possible that we may never meet again

Asi jayinye roley goley vich gwatch
And we will be lost forever in crowd

Sun sajna arz nimaani
Listen dear about my plea

Eh na jhoothi koi kahani
It isn't some false story

Ous vailey mainu si ni manoosi
During that moment I had a thought (feeling of restlessness)

Sun sajna arz nimaani
Listen dear about my plea

Eh na jhoothi koi kahani
It isn't some false story

Ous vailey mainu si ni manoosi
During that moment I had a thought (feeling of restlessness)

Zero dubidha... 
Zero dubidha...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Photo] "Your daily life is your temple"

A Pujari (priest) sitting on doorstep of a temple, calling his family. In the back you can see the dark temple room with small glowing light.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I want to see through your eyes, Grandma!

On my way to market in Bangalore, I came across this very cute incident between a Grandma and his Grandson. She sells small plastic items on the footpath. Luckily I managed to capture it in the form of images and I am sharing it here.

Yay! I can to see through your eyes, Grandma!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Photo] Lil Steps

Lil Steps! by Nitesh Bhatia on 500px.com

Lil Steps! by Nitesh Bhatia
A sweet little kid learning to walk!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[Photo] Lil Sikh at Gurudwara Sahib!

A cute little kid that caught my attention. Along with other kids he was busy playing in gurudwara premises just before langar.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[Photo] "Invocation"

...As I see her performing morning rituals in Temple.
(Location: Maramma Temple, Malleshwaram, Bangalore)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

[PHOTO] The less I needed, the better I felt.

"The less I needed,
  The better I felt."

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The circle of Life - Singular & Plural Identities

I often wonder when I see crowd of people mixing together, like Brownian motion, about their thoughts. Everybody is thinking about something. Thoughts that are not connected at all. Yet we identify them as individuals. Different individuals. I often wonder, what differentiates them? How come two sons do not show same behaviors with their parents? What makes one businessman a successful one and another completely bankrupt?  What constitutes them? What defines us? Soul, body, mind? Soul we cannot see. Our own body we cannot feel. I cannot see my own eye with my eye. Our own mind we cannot perceive. Or is it other people's opinions that we perceive as our image? So called self-image? If I say, the way we define our relation in a group or a role, becomes our identity, then we have multiple identifies! A person could be son at one time, a businessman at another and a so on. This makes me believe that grossly we have plural identities that are sort of unbalanced and biased based on particular need of the group. So our identity now becomes a role we play that is relatively important of our different associations and affiliations in any particular context. And it further reduces to choice we make for choosing a particular role - choosing a particular identity. That becomes our identity at that particular instance of time. And it changes with time.

If you've got what I wanted to convey you can read further…

Now lets concentrate on concept of Soul and Body. Thought I haven't' read the scriptures completely but still I am quoting what they say about soul and body. If you don't believe in it you can take it as an assumption. The soul is some higher dimensional quantity that can chooses to stay in any body for a definite period of time. Its probably the choice of the soul to choose when to come and when to leave because as an individual nobody wants to die! Ok, coming back to the point,  we say an individual is born when a Soul chooses to reside in a Body. Ego defines a Soul. Souls chooses a body. Body gets a form. If everything is working perfectly, without any issues, an individual, or say a child is born. A child cannot think about being a child. Together we define the identity of child. And gradually the thoughts develop and child begins to realize his own identity.

And the people that I see mixing together were those same children at one point of time… and the journey continues.

To summarize...

Ego -> Thoughts -> Choices -> People-> Plural Identity
Ego -> Soul -> Choice -> Body -> Singular Identity  

Is their any interconnection?  I am not sure. But I see a recursion or perhaps circle.

A = {Plural Identity -> People -> Choices -> Thoughts -> Ego} => (Ego -> Soul -> Choice -> Body -> Singular Identity)

       { Ego -> Soul -> Choice -> Body -> Singular Identity -> }
B = { Ego -> Soul -> Choice -> Body -> Singular Identity -> }  => { Plural Identity -> People -> Choices -> Thoughts -> Ego }
       { Ego -> Soul -> Choice -> Body -> Singular Identity -> }

{choices} -> A -> {choices} -> B -> {choices}

What is this?
BABABABABABA… ? That floats on carpet of choices!
A Circle of Life  - chosen?

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