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Monday, August 5, 2013

I want to see through your eyes, Grandma!

On my way to market in Bangalore, I came across this very cute incident between a Grandma and his Grandson. She sells small plastic items on the footpath. Luckily I managed to capture it in the form of images and I am sharing it here.

Yay! I can to see through your eyes, Grandma!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conversations about Life...

VH: "My weaknesses... I wish I could come up with something. I'd probably have the same pause if you asked me what my strengths are. Maybe they're the same thing." (~Al Pacino)

NB: I remember your words once u told.. I think during cutting tea in front of your campus... "either u can spend your life working on your weakness or live with your strengths" .. those were the golden words ! :)

VH: I mean dig an ocean one inch deep or dig a well which will yield water - choice is yours, life is yours :)

NB: I think if we know what are our weaknesses (rather than not knowing) we can still trade around... same case with strengths.

VH: It's a matter of priorities in life. IF one identifies what 'naturally' comes to him/her, life can be a smooth sail. The whole crux is in identification of what you can glide through and appreciation of the fact the things which are greek and latin to you.

NB: likes it

VH: check out this quote by Einstein: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." stumbled upon it today and deja vu:-)

NB: I am seeing something in it but not able to comprehend. Great Quote !!

VH: Per me, it's the same thought - work on your strengths..

NB: But some fishes can jump out of water too ! At least some extent of weakness they've managed to conquer.

VH: If they land on land- they are dead . And they can never fly anyway.

NB: I remember one of your fav quote: "Kuch na hoga to Tajurba hoga" (you'll gain experience even if nothing happens.)

VH: Awesome memory :-) That's the conclusion - u experiment , and if you don't get what you 'desire' you get experience at least.

(conversations on Facebook)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is God? (conversations on facebook)

NB: Visited ISKCON temple today... for the first time I did the Krishna enchanting. feeling quite contented after that ! and I bought a box of incense sticks.. this makes 10th flavor in line.. !
... but again I ask the same question to myself. God is a thought or belief or perception of happiness?

RP: A thought to keep us confident when we r trying to achieve something,
A belief to blame when we don't reach our goals...
A perception of happiness is only in progress.

VH: God is faith.

MD: God is what you want 'god' to be- faith, belief, a goodwill thought, an appreciation of humanity or rigid rituals, barricaded thoughts, superstitious lines...

SR: Some questions r worth keeping for entire life. so preserve it safely. There's saying in our ancient scriptures; the one who knows it (GOD) tells it not and the one who tells it knows it not. Moral is, don't listen to speculators :) :) :) AMEN.....

PS: When u believe in something ... u tend to think about it during times when u need it's assistance .. and if the process brings forth an unhindered happiness thru the act of remembrance.. u feel the realm of happiness :)

(conversations on facebook)

What are you? (facebook conversations)

"You are not You;
You are more than You.
Then what are You?

VH: It's called ' shoonya' : Nothing and yet everything.
NB: I believe their exists one more shoonya (nothing) after infinity (everything) to complete the circle of life.
VH: I think infinity is reference to 'shoonya' - It all emerges from this and ends here. This is like an illusion of running in a big circle and believing that you are running infinitely. Thus infinity converges to shoonya. And feeling of one-ness is 'bliss'. Joy and sorrow is 'mithya' much like any other emotion.
(conversations on facebook.)

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