Thursday, August 22, 2013

And I met a transgender on street!

I remember my old days when I was a 4th standard kid and me along with my parents used to travel in sleeper coaches in train from Ajmer to Mumbai. Trans-genders (or hijra locally) were very common in those routes. Maybe they are common in most train routes across India, but my experience is limited to that train route only. They used to come in Sleeper Coaches and maybe general coaches but not is AC coaches. Far from my train seat I was able to hear them coming. They'll come clapping and making loud noises mostly praising people and asking for something in return.

My dad was very afraid of them. So whenever they'll come, he used to offer them whatever comes first out of his pocket, be it 10, 50 or 500. They usually don't take money from women or children so sometimes my dad used to go away for toilet - just to get rid of such situation. In most cases I've never saw them creating a scene, unless somebody disrespects. And once they get the money, they'll praise you like anything. As a kid I used to get terrorised seeing them and then my dad, but soon my mom cleared whatever doubts I had. "It's not a bad community but you should be careful dealing with them", thats what I got. Later we stopped traveling in sleeper class coaches and those memories got faded.

Now coming back to my present... I recently met a transgender on Bangalore Streets. But this time that fear didn't come. She started with her praises and at first I asked her to wait a minute and stop shouting. I knew, I had to pay her something anyways. So I showed her my camera and asked her if I can take her picture, and then I'll pay him 10. I showed her some street pictures that I took that day on my camera and he agreed. At first she stood still and gave me a sick pose [1st pic]. Next I asked her to smile a little got this [2nd pic]. And finally I told her, "smile like you are the prime-minister" and got the 3rd pic. Then I showed him her pics and told her, how gorgeous she is looking in third pic, so keep smiling! And at last I offered him 10 Rs. and moved on.

(click on image to enlarge)

(click on image to enlarge)

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[Update on 25th Nov 13] - Apologies. I unknowingly addressed her as male/"he" in my last paragraph that was incorrect as somebody pointed out. I've corrected it. The right way to address is the gender they adopt in public appearance, which is female in this case. My apologies for lack on knowledge. Thanks.

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